Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tobey and Theo are famous in my Wolseley neighborhood. We live on a corner where there is lots of foot traffic so they have many fans (of the canine and human variety) who stop by to visit. Theo is quiet and demure, while Tobey is a bit rowdier. They both love to walk along the frozen Assiniboine River in the winter, as there is little doubt there is lots of husky in them.

These two gals are such stars they have their own Instagram account:

Both are rescued dogs. Theo was found by animal services on the northern fringes of the city scrounging for food around 7 years ago. Tobey was an abandoned (failed?) sled dog puppy in Iqualuit who was rescued by a Manitoba dog group about a year ago. She has not stopped eating yet.

Shouts out to Manitoba Underdogs Rescue and Winnipeg Animal Services for saving these two blonde dogs.

 On occasion, their antics are captured on video. They are pretty energetic and often quite silly.

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